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Americans don’t understand English

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The thing about americans, that I’ve thought, about the language they speak, they say they speak English, but they had to change it to make them understand it more.

Go with me on this cuz (because) I’ve thought it through. They’ve changed some of the words.

So they’ve taken some of the English language that they’ve
looked at some of it and I thought no no
I think we need a little bit more
explanation here ok that’s my mechanized
so things like pavement so they can work
with pavement so they’ve changed to
sidewalk they needed more information I
needed to know where they were going to
work so that I didn’t think of that
statement that cited the Muslim appeared
of time with a run with the word
pavement but they kept getting hit by
car engine is afoot history the word for
bill in american wastepaper basket they
needed not only what to put in it they
didn’t know that not only was paper
wastepaper basket is not just through a
fresh paper for a period they need
instruction glasses is they call them I
classes they need
wanted to call the game knotted America
racquetball racquet ball and even then
they get confused because there’s no
court they don’t want to just wander
through the street I want to play
racquetball among my favorite one
without a shadow is a horse riding horse
riding horseback riding
they didn’t hold on to the tail
thoroughly enjoying it and we were you
know it’s it’s it can be an intense Java
times and I think it got a little bit
too much and he was in a different place
and that’s fair enough


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